It says you are located at Highland Pines Campground is this correct?
Yes we are located at Highland Pines Campground in the Valley Springs section of the park.  The airsoft field is both open to the public as well as our campers.  Public players are not permitted to use any amenities in the park while they are here unless they have a campsite with us. This is strictly enforced. 

Where do I register?
You can register at our office at Valley Springs.  Simply go into the office and tell our staff you are here to play airsoft.  They will then take payment, get you to sign a wavier then give you directions to our field. The office is located at 6634 5th Line Belwood Ontario. 

Whats your refund policy? 
There are no-refunds for walk-on players.  Refunds are available for reservations but must be made 4 days prior to the reservation. 

How old do I need to be to play?
Our age limit is 12 years of age. If you are under 18 you must have a guardian to sign your waiver. 

Does it hurt?
Generally when playing outdoors you are engaging each other from longer distances but it all depends on how far away you are.  If you are far it doesn't feel like much at all, if you are close then you'll feel a sting when you're hit.  If you've ever played paintball it hurts less than that. 

What do I wear?
We recommend you cover up expose skin so gloves, pants, a hoodie or long-sleeve shirt and a good pair of shoes. 

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and card for registration ONLY at our office.  At the field we can only accept credit card.  

Do you sell consumables?
Yes.  We typically have 12g c02 tanks, green gas, .28g and .3g bb's for sale at the field (not the office). 

Do you have an HPA fill station?
No we do not.